Laboratory of Middle and Upper Planetary Atmospheres

headed by prof. G.M. Shved

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     The Laboratory performs investigations on dynamics, energetics and radiation of the middle and upper atmospheres of Earth and other planets.
These investigations may be devided into four groups (for details go to Research in the laboratory) :
     1. Acoustic-gravity and inertio-gravity waves (GW).
     2. Radiative transfer (RT) in infrared rovibrational molecular bands.
     3. Laboratory measurements (LM) of the rate constants of aeronomic processes.
     4. Global-scale circulation (GC), energetics and physics of the middlle and upper atmosphere.
The abbreviations of these groups of investigations (given in brackets) are also shown in the list below behind the persons who are involved in these investigations.
Personnel of the Laboratory (with E-Mails)
Prof. G.M. Shved GW, RT, GC
Dr. N.M. Gavrilov  GW
Dr. L.E. Khvorostovskaya  LM
Assoc. prof. V.A. Yankovsky LM
Dr. V.P. Ogibalov  RT
Dr. R.O. Manuilova RT
Dr. I.N. Drobyazko  GW
Dr. I.Yu. Potekhin LM
Dr. R.A. Akmaev GC
Dr. V.I. Fomichev GC
Dr. A.I. Pogoreltsev GW
N.V. Karpova GW
A.O. Semenov RT


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