Education at the Department of Atmospheric Physics.

   Geophysical education at the Department of Atmospheric Physics begins at the 3rd year with the lecture course Introduction in theoretical atmospheric optics given by chairman Y.M. Timofeyev. At the same time students choose the topic of there course work.
   During 4th year students continue there basic geophysical education. The bachelor education program includes 6 special courses. To obtain the degree of  bachelor of science students have to defend the graduate work.
   The program of graduate education (diploma of Magister of Science) include minimum 8 special courses which are chosen accordingly to the subject of student's scientific work. At the end of the graduate education (2.5 years) students defend the graduate dissertation.

The following documents are available in Russian:
   The description of graduate program "Physical processes in planetary atmospheres". (WIN; KOI8).
   The program of the admission examination to the graduate program "Physical processes in planetary atmospheres". (WIN; KOI8)

 The list of special courses:

Bachelor program

Name of course

Name of lecturer 


Introduction to theoretical atmospheric optics Timofeev Y.M. 68
Introduction to atmospheric dynamics Shved G.M. 68
Remote sensing of atmosphere and surface Timofeev Y.M. 34
Bases of work with computers of a type PC X86  Vasilyev A.V. 34
Physics of clouds and aerosols Vlasenko S.S. 51
Chemical aeronomy Yankovsky V.A. 51


Graduate program
Optics of fractals Andreev S.D. 68
Optics of fractal clusters Andreev S.D. 68
Special computing practice Vasilyev A.V. x
Ecology monitoring laboratory Vlasenko S.S. x
Atmosphere electricity Vlasenko S.S. 34
Experimental atmospheric dynamics Gavrilov N.M. 34
Introduction in chaotic atmospheric dynamics Domnin P.I. 34
Applied atmospheric optics Domnin P.I. 51
Campestral practice in GGO (Len.Oblast) Domnin P.I. x
Physical ecology Ivlev L.S. 34
Local methods of monitoring of atmosphere Ivlev L.S. 68
Physics of fractals Mikhailov E.F. 34
Theory of energy transfer Nagirner D.I. 68
Experimental Atmospheric Optics Poberovskii A.V. 68
Using of Fourier-Spectroscopy in Atmosphere studies Poberovskii A.V. x
Mathematics of the remote soundings Timofeev Y.M. 34
Molecular spectroscopy of atmosphere gases Tonkov M.V. 68
Molecular collisions and atmosphere gases spectra Tonkov M.V. 34
Geomagnetic phenomena and physics of ionosphere Usmanov A.V. 34
Laboratory methods of aeronomical processes studies Khvorostovskaia L.E. 34
Atmosphere hydrodynamics Shved G.M. 34
Waves in the atmosphere Shved G.M. 34
Introduction in using of PC Yankovsky V.A. 34
Chemistry of metastable atmospheric components Yankovsky V.A. 34


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